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HERITAGE FISHING The topic of heritage fishing is fascinating beyond the simple act of dropping one’s line in a pool of water in anticipation of catching a fish.  Why would one choose to scout...


Art And The Salmon Fly

Specialization has taken the perfecting of craft that can be called art, away from the average person, and categorized art into salable commodity. In fact, the art of living included the means by which...


Defensive Character Of The Northern Pike

NORTHERN PIKE REPUTATION The avid angler may envision peaceful fly fishing on rivers and lakes, communing with nature and shedding the stresses of everyday life.  In contrast, the perspective from the quarry is one...


Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides

SMALLMOUTH BASS DESCRIPTION Smallmouth bass are of the sunfish family and are generally medium sized to about 8 pounds, which is on the high end.  Typically your catch will be closer to 4 to...

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